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The Hong Kong Sustainable Development Forum (HKSDF) is a non-profit organisation, it is the first private sector initiative in Hong Kong devoted entirely to promoting and sustainable development capacity building in Hong Kong.

Founded in 1998, and subsequently registered in 2001 HKSDF promulgates SD principle and practice in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong sustainable development forum is a ngo focused to drive Hong Kong sustainable development issues to the forefront. HKSDF encourages sustainable development through a process of consensus building, engagement whilst opening dialogue with decision makers in Hong Kong. Membership is open to anyone, NGO, or organisation with an interest to pursue sustainable development and sustainability issues in Hong Kong.

This web-site provides information for HKSDF members, and potential members regarding sustainable development, and sustainability practice.


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Feel free to explore our website, if you have any queries regarding HKSDF or sustainability issues in Hong Kong please do not hesitate to contact us.




Sustainability Solutions

It is easy enough to blame government for the lack of process and engagement, so what are the solutions for Hong Kong? read more........


Do you feel lucky?

Would you gamble with your life as the stake? Well that is exactly what governments are doing today ignoring climate change....... this you tube video could change your life



Sustainability Reporting Awards

Your opportunity to influence the future of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). Are current Sustainability reports fluffy? lack detail? waste paper? Here is your chance to make a different, and help refine the GRI standard for sustainability reporting. http://awards.globalreporting.org/



Sustainable Tourism

A recent survey of US travellers shows that more that fifty percent are concerned about the environmental aspects when choosing a vacation click this link to read more




Climate in Crisis

There is no doubt that humans are causing climate change, governments are stricken, paralysed by vested interests - only working together can we solve these problems today is still not too late. Try explaining to your grandchildren about the missing glaciers that will likely never be replaced,

Click here to view the trailer for the Oscar wining documentary The Inconvenient Truth

The US government has taking a ostrich approach with a global problem, why else would they edit scientific documents to ease the pain? It is our problem, it is a solvable problem, if and only if action starts now.



Upcoming Events

29 October 2007 - Designing the Waterfront Competition. Eighty entrants from all over the planet have been culled down to the finalists, and now their models are on display at venues around Hong Kong before the final round of judging on 13th Nov 2007.  click here to read more, better still visit the exhibitions are see the models, vote for your choice.



16 October 2007 - Sustainable Responsible Investments Asia 2007 or SRI07 is the premier Sustainable finance event for smarter business across Asia. HKSDF is supporting organisation. Venue: Meritus Mandarin, Singapore click here to learn more - register today!


Greendrinks a regular networking event in Hong Kong click here to read more




Past Events

15 May 2007 - nature Conservation Conference - HKPC building starting at 9.00am entitled Is a Conservation Trust the answer? (co-organised by HKSDF)

24 April 2007 - Thermal Storage to lower energy costs co-organised by BEC and HKSDF click here to learn more

Renewable Energy - Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Initiatives in Hong Kong Tuesday, 27 March 2007 Seminar: 2:00 pm - 5:00pm visit www.bec.org.hk for details and registration.

7th June 2006 - Sustainability in the Built Environment Enviroseries 2006  conference focused on sustainable development in the built environment in the PRD,  click here to visit BEC website to learn more

24 April 2006 - Taxing Pollution: Local experts will attend HKSDF endorsed conference to discuss options and fiscal measures to help deal with Hong Kong's increasing pollution problems [this is a SCMP conference tickets cost $360] contact the Event Organiser directly to book you place today Click here to download flyer 346k PDF format.

2nd March 2006 Waterfront Development Forum (part of China Maritime Expo). Local and international experts will present and discuss future strategies to create a world-class waterfront. Space is limited, first come-first served registration is strongly recommended.

Date: 2nd March 2006
Time: 10.00am -13.00pm
Location: Room 608, HKCEC, Wanchai, Hong Kong.
Contact admin@baird.com.au directly for registration.

7th March 2006 Discovering Green and Heritage Tourism. Part of the 2006 Enviroseries, this conference will cover Sustainable tourism in Hong Kong. HKSDF is proud once again to support the the Enviroseries, and that means that HKSDF members will be entitled to apply for a 10% discount.





HKSAR Government SD Policy

11 October 2006 - CE presented his 2006-07 Policy Address click here for more information

22 February 2006 - The controversial WKCD has been scrapped in its present form. Read more about the government's u-turn

6 Feb 2006 - Tamar waterfront. The on-going debate the proposed government offices at the Tamar site was under consideration by the LEGCO committee. HKSDF actively seeks to drive government policy towards a more sustainable future, improving the environment, and making Hong Kong a more liveable city. Read HKSDF's comments to the LEGCO committee.

15 Dec 2005 - Policy framework for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Hong Kong is launched by EPD. The new policy framework uses community response from the Invitation and response consultation (which HKSDF participated). Read more: http://www.epd.gov.hk/epd/msw/

24 May 2005 - The long awaited policy has been announced. The Hong Kong Government launches the first SD strategy - click here to read more




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